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focus on economic issues. we don't have a platform on social issues or foreign policy because wh with what we found is across the country, if we focus on the five issues that we think americans are most concerned with, we have a big -- it will be the same -- >> stop raising our taxes. stop the out of control spending. no government run health care. >> so it is pretty simple. when we started chris dodd in
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connecticut. a member of congress.
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last year, the -- dodd has quit. [applause] arlen speck or the has changed parties to become a democrat to try salvage his political career. and thanks to the people of nevada, we have been, i think any -- of over 200 in nevada, we have been -- and harry reid is trailing by 10 and 15 points against all of his republican opponents. [applause] as park pointed out we expanded our target list after the vote on obama care.
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stupak quit. we were saying we're going to take back america in november of 2010 and i think we may take back america before at the rate we are going. [applause] so that brings us here. we have to expand our target list. we have to get a few more on the list. as amy pointed out, it is a combination of worrying our friends and punishing our enemies. one thing that is so important to do, as someone who got their political career started and working for an old actor in california back in 1966 when he eventually became president in 1980 it wasn't just republicans that allowed us to get the tax cuts in and our success.
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their district or states are clearly conservative on the economic issues we have on the bus yet they can continue to defy the wishes of the voters. we have expanded our target lists from three to eight. we have added blanch lincoln in arkansas.
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barbara boxer is next on the list. the state assembly in california -- this is going to be a consistent leader on the fiscal issues, but he has been at a rally that we have ever had. he is supporting the people and admit -- and the movement. we're happy to support him.
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another thing that we are involved in is the great state of florida. we have a message from marco. we had a slow beginning, but now we are picking up. >> i am in the middle part of florida. those of us who believe in free enterprise and limited government. they will stand up to the obama agenda and offer a clear alternative. that is why i am running for office, and i would like to thank you for your endorsement
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and your support. thank you so much, i am honored by your support and your help. i look forward to joining you in washington, dc. we have the greatest country in the history of the world. >> we have a governor who is running against rubio, who ran as a conservative. he was trying to get cute, and tried to be all things to all people. he was ahead by 30 or 40 points at the beginning, and now he is behind by 20 points. we want to emphasize that this does not pay to give up on your
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principles. we have the battles in the primaries, in kansas and kentucky. we have two very good congressman who were running in the great state of kansas. this has been a consistent supporter on economic issues. in kentucky, we have the son of ron paul, who we are now endorsing in the state of kentucky. .
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they seem to think that having democrat led works. you read the platform and it is very good in terms of our issues, but we have some letters that cannot seem to stick to it. one that has been a real leader for conservatives, i do not think he is in any political trouble, senator and jim demint. [applause] going to skip our candidate [unintelligible] we're going to let her, on the program in a few minutes.
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in the house, we have five members of congress who have voted wrong and every single important vote, bailout, cap and trade, obama care, the stimulus, yet there districts are very conservative. john mccain has won all of those districts. john spratt has been forever in south carolina. in west virginia 1, there is william monahan. hopefully, we will get them -- we will get rid of them before november and not in november. we have two of the most obnoxious members of the congress.
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one person who has been particularly hostile to the tea party of movement is a freshman and a republican in this district is alan grayson in florida. [applause] since most of us are legally qualified to vote in nevada because we have been there so much, we have met a fabulous candidates, a doctor in nevada, who is running in nevada 3. we are really proud to endorse dr. joe hecht for congress. [applause] our final target list is another virginia race. the gerry connolly seems to find troubling replace he turns. it would be good to change the ethics of the 11th congressional
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district of virginia. [applause] as i said earlier, we have to remember to reward our friends who we have endorsed. republicans who have stood for the tea party movement from the beginning, tom mcclintock in california 4 and the representative from georgia 6. [applause] any mention michele bock man, we were delighted to be with them the other day. when we went to south carolina, we were honored to have the great congressman joe wilson. [applause] another carla's worker for the tea party movement is predict
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another tireless worker for the t marty -- for the tea party movement is marcia [unintelligible] i said earlier that we have to be effective and influential in both political parties. sometimes that gets us some difficult decisions. today, we are going to endorse walton did make -- walt dimmick in idaho one. hopefully, that will give us a couple of months before they all quit on us. [applause] so thank you very much. that is our target list. [applause] now i would like to bring up our coordinator for the tea party
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express who has taken a keen interest in the state of nevada. he probably knows more about nevada than most of us now batons -- most of its nevadans. >> on the tea party express, we have crisscrossed the state of nevada holding t party meetings in reno, hawthorne, town of pine, henderson, las vegas, laughlin, when a mockup, e. lee, searchlight. we have spent a lot of time in the state. we have made a point to work with local tea party groups and talk to the people there and get their impressions of how they see the lay of the land and to work with these people who have emerged as leading contenders to challenge senator harry reid. senator harry reid is their top priority for defeat in the 2010 elections. -- is our top priority for
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defeat in the 2010 elections. in working with these individuals who want to replace senator reid, there was one individual who stood out head and shoulders above the rest. she is the leading anti-tax activist and has always stood up to the political establishment of both parties. she does not care if you do not like her for her views. she stands for or views because she knows in her heart that they're right. she is an advocate for the constitution, both for the state of nevada and at the the the level. as we were going through this level and try to figure out wherwhether we should stay out f this primary and then get behind the eventual winner, we realized that, because of an attitude like that, we allowed ourselves to have a congress where members of both the republican party and the democratic party proposed
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out-of-control deficit spending, bailouts, higher taxes, higher regulation. if we had more people like the woman i am were to bring appear now, we would never have had this problem it is time to stand for a true champion for liberty. please give a warm applause to the person we nominate for the state of nevada, sharon angle. -- sharon engle. [applause] >> thank you so much. good morning american patriots. you have treated the lobby of conservatism across this country. i want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the party of
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express -- to the tea party express. we are unorganized and, is that not what they tell us? we have conservative values, those things that our founding fathers fought for and what we have children fighting for today. it is incumbent upon us to fight for them right here in washington, d.c. so thank you. [applause] i want to say thank you to sarah palin for acknowledging as yesterday's. she said we are a tsunami and we are. [applause] i am running for the peoples seat in nevada for the u.s. senate. i am running opposing "let's make a deal" harry reid who has
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embarrassed us with the cornhuskers kickbacks and the louisiana purchase and the florida free ride. he has shown us how police unconcerned washington, d.c. is with the event -- how unconcern washington, d.c. is with propriety. i will tell you something in. he has been driving a silver a cliff for years. i do not really trust them to be it behind the wheel of the bus he is driving in nevada. in fact, he has been throwing asunder that bus. he has been waterboarding the economy for over a year. he has given us the bailout and the stimulus and the obama care, cash for clunkers. i say, "harry reid, you have
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failed america." not only has he failed america, but he has failed nevada. we had the highest unemployment rate in the whole united states, over 13%. we have 27% decrease in their tourism. that is our major industry. we have a -17.5% on the housing price index. that is double digits above the next state that is suffering from this housing decline. harry reid has failed nevada as well. i say it is time to say, "harry reid, you are fired." [applause] it is not just about voting against someone. everyone says, "we are just the naysayers." we have solutions. we have positive choices to make, too.
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the tea party signs are the best. on searchlight, they said, "you cannot fix stupid, but you can vote it out." [laughter] they also said, "anybody but harry." but, you know, it really is not anybody but harry that can fill this seat. we need some way that we can believe does not run right and the left. we need someone who understands what the constitution says. i feel lonely today. i usually bring smith and wesson along. [laughter] i have to tell you, i am going to give washington, d.c. a lesson in the constitution, especially the second amendment. but i did not come alone today. i brought died. i also brought my husband of 20 years, ted engle. [applause]
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-- ted angle. [applause] i've subscribed to the kiss principle -- keep it simple, sharon. [laughter] the problems we have with our economy as simple as pay it back, cut back, and take back. by that i mean, let's pay back on that deficit. we have $500 billion on stimulus funds that we have not used. we have a $500 billion that is coming back on target. i said, her rage. thank you. but where is it? -- i say, hurray. thank you. but where is it? we have an unappropriated budget fine. -- budget fund. we could give people the confidence and certainty that we know where we are going. it is not backwards, but for
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words. we're not going to resign ourselves to be france. we're not going to accept socialism. [applause] and we are here to say that we're not going to be the socialist united states of america. we know what freedom looks like and we are fighting for liberty. we'll understand what that means. -- we understand what that means. in order to get this thing back on its wheels, the economy back on its wheels, we need to do more than just payback that deficit. we will have to speed up the cuts. we can do that. we can cut back on the spending by 5% per year for the next five years on those things on a priority list. the first priority should be the things that are within that enumerated box in the federal
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constitution. after that, we need to start cutting. we need to keep their contract with our senior citizens. keep our contract with our senior citizens. after that, i would say, "anything goes." let's cut and let's cut deep, 5% per year for the next five years. we can start with things like the department of education and that's the best one size -- department of education that gave us a one-size-fits-all. [applause] we can start with a few unconstitutional sparse. our president has a few friends, but i do not have to pay for them. there are cuts that should be made and we can make those cuts. finally, we can take back america. there are ways to do that.
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the first take back is to make sure we do not find obama care. [applause] that is our first take back. i have pledged, as my first act of legislation, to put any repeal obama care law. [applause] second, we need to audit the fed. somehow, it got stalled out on harry reid's desk. they are part of the problem. [applause] if you know the truth, the truth will set you free. that is what audits are supposed to do, reveal the truth. next, we need to abolish the 67,000 pages of reward-your- france and -- reward your friends and punish your enemies
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in the tax code. [applause] let's talk about what is wrong. i am a part of the little over 50% that paid my taxes today. i am not ashamed of paying my taxes, but you better spend them right. i need a little accountability. when they are using my tax dollars to buy things that i don't want and i have told them that i do not want them and they give me 1000 pages when i break my leg. and if i do not like that, here is another 1000 pages and then a brick my other leg. just stop. we need to take back our country to those constitutional principles that we were founded upon. we have the right contract with america. it is the constitution. that is the right contract with america.
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[applause] we have the right message and that is lower taxes, less government regulation, more individual freedom, and stop the spending. [applause] we have the right angle to defeat harry reid. [laughter] [applause] i want to tell you. you may not be able to vote for harry reid, but he vote for you. if you cannot vote for harry reid, but you want to vote in nevada -- you want to help nevada, send money. he said, he needs $25 million to defeat me. i need 1 million conservatives to send $25.
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thank you very much. thank you for being here. i appreciate your love and support. [applause] " >> [unintelligible] -- >> [unintelligible] [laughter] we will take to states back into america. in the tea party movement, the citizens activist movement, i call it the civil rights movement. as the french underground in the second world war had a short wave radio, we have a couple of
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tricks, too. we have talk radio. please support your local talk radio. guys like me are being fired across the country for political views. another thing we have is the internet, the world wide web, social networking sites. we have with us one of the most effective people working in the law this year -- in the blogosphere. she is with the grass fire organization. ladies and german, and carla daywald. >> thank you. [applause] i just want to say that we are very honored to be a part of the tea party express tours 2 and 3 and to be a supporter of the movement in general.
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first of all, i want to apologize for my voice. after 21 days on the road and many rallies and yelling and screaming for our country, my voice is a bit strained. grass was started in 2001 as an activist organization that primarily worked from the internet. that system would send an e-mail to you when you registered and it would give you updates on what was happening in d.c., what was happening that might affect you and your country, and ways that you could respond without necessarily having to go to your local representative office, without having to show up at a rally in the sea -- nbc they have done great things with petitions. millions of petitions have been delivered to d.c. to your lawmakers on the behalf of the american people over the last
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nine years. that is something that we have been doing very effectively. in 2008, steve elliott decided it was time to take it to a whole new level. at that time, he decided it was time to launch a new web site that would be a social networking site that would take the people that were connected to grassfire and began to provide a forum for them to be connected to one another. we recognize that, in this fight that we are in for our country, the only way that we can succeed is by connecting one to another at the very local level. we cannot do it separated by distance. we have to be able to connect locally. the only way to truly take their country back is to begin at that local level -- take our country back is to begin at the local level, in their town, our state, and finally our
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federal government. regardless of how i may feel on certain social issues, what unites us in this purpose and gives us a voice for this movement is the fact that we all agree on those principles that are outlined on the side of airbus, -- of our bus, the tea party express bus. when it affects our pocketbooks, then you start getting people fighting in a bit. watch out, buddy. leave my pocketbook along. when was launched, people were really starting to worry because they have seen some of the statements that were made by barack obama, some of the people that he associated himself with. when he said to the public, "if you want to know why and, look at why associate with," we did. some of it is concerning.
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then there was a great force and a great momentum out there that needed to be dealt with and that people needed to come together. that social network has provided that. over the last year, we have had over 75,000 patriots join our site. many people are even running for office. many people are helping in campaigns. they have organized tea parties or our leaders of the tea party movement in their community. i think that is a fabulous thing to show that people are being mobilized and working on the behalf of our country. [applause] thank you. one of the things i wanted to share about grassfire is that breastfire and now work together.
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one of the things we have done in the past nine months, inviting the obama care -- in fighting the obama care bill, we have engaged the public to help us fight this. one way was through petition. during this health care takeover, the patriots stood up and we delivered to deceive all of -- we had delivered to d.c. the petitions from you, the american people, saying that we oppose this. i thought that was a tremendous response. [applause] as of today, there have been delivered to every member of the house and senate 600,000 letters of outrage from the citizens of the united states saying, "we absolutely are outraged that you would do this and that you
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blatantly disregarded our voice and we want you to know how disgusted we are with that decision." i think that is tremendous also. [applause] with grassfire and, 65 of us gathered on a march in in d.c. -- i say 65. it was sexually 1.7 million. but you know how it -- it was actually 1.7 million. but you know how the media likes to downsizes. when it comes to our movement, they always want to downsize us. that is ok. all of us that were there and all of the pictures, we know how many were there. we've passed an initiative we started an initiative called [unintelligible]
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[applause] this initiative works perfectly with our relationship with the tea party express. they have the vehicles to take the message out. they also have the pact to endorse candidates and to support those candidates. we cannot do that, but we can partner with people who do provide that. so it is a perfect marriage, so to speak, although loosely married. [laughter] i would like to tell you very quickly what the basic flip principle is. the first letter of that is f. we need to fix the size of our government. it is entirely too intrusive and it continues to grow and it continues to disregard the
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american public and uses our money basically against us and our wishes. [applause] thank you. the second letter is l. we believe that we need to limit the taxes. we need to abolish the income tax. in addition, the new friendlier irs that happen somewhere in the late 1990's, we do not find them too friendly. we think they need to go, too. [applause] that one is always popular. i is imposed term limits. one of our heroes on our list is senator demint. he introduced legislation last year to impose term limits. it is just a matter to get enough people to support that.
6:37 am
fourthly is the letter p. it is to purge [unintelligible] we are a free market nationalist nation. we believe that we can educate the public on what our it government -- on how our government operates or should operate. our involvement as responsible and civic minded individuals, if we can educate the public, if we can get the word out and help them understand the process and that our responsibility is more than looking at a sign and making a decision on purely commercial and commission, if we can get people to engage in to the global search for the being ing and to learn more about
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the people, think about how easy it is today to find information about candidates. in the time of reagan, people did not have the opportunity to find information as easy as it is today. we want to encourage the american people to research your candidate. if it is somebody that has never been office -- been in office before, look at their record. we have also lost a petition called cap-cut, and grow. -- we have also launched a petition called cap, cut, and grow. we need to cap [unintelligible] we need to cut special interest programs. if we can do those two things, we truly believe that the american public and the united states can begin to grow again and become very strong as a nation once again. we encourage you to go to
6:39 am this is something that is important to show the unity of the movement. you can sign our flip this house 2010 petition as well. it is important that we all join together at this time. this is why we have decided to work with of the tea party express and the other partner organizations that we are signed with. we take that very seriously. our goal is that we can work together in the areas that we all agree. together, we can make a difference in this fight that we are in could we can stand for what is right. we can overcome that which is wrong. we can win this fight in november. i want to say thank-you to the tea party expressed were for allowing us to have a voice alongside of them. we encourage you to do your fiscal responsibility this year, to do your civic responsibility this year, and vote and make
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sure that you encourage other people to do the same. thank you and god bless you. [applause] >> thank you, carldarla. this next janet -- this next gentlemen, when i flew to nevada to announce our defeat harry reid campaign, at the end of the conference, this man came to me and said he really loves what we're doing. is there any way i can be a part of it. i live here in nevada. i would like to go under a bus tour. we hear that all the time. who would not want to be on our buses for three weeks? [laughter] it is not as glamorous as it looks. trust me. but i think he did not know what he was getting himself into. he has been a great addition to our team. he is mr. dustin stockton.
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[applause] >> after three long weeks, three very long weeks, i am happy to report that the american spirit is alive and well in this great country of ours. [applause] it seems like month ago i left my pregnant wife and two young daughters to crisscross this country because i feel firmly that we need to take our country back and that there are great dangers we are facing and that we must step up and face those challenges. i am so proud and inspired by the great patriots that i have met along the way, that have been on these buses with me, and all the great patriots who have come up to the rallies. i am truly move and inspired. i cannot say enough and think
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the express team. i am so honored to be a part of this. [applause] i started the western representation pact because i have two young daughters and i had to make a difference. i was so ashamed that harry reid represented my great state of nevada. i started a website and a facebook group to defeat harry reid. i had no idea that it would bring me to washington, d.c. [laughter] but each and every one of us has a responsibility to make sure that we do something for our great nation. i am so proud to be involved with the tea party express. what they announced today is so critical because it is not just enough to protest and rally.
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we need to start having a political impact. that starts in each and every election. when i joined up after harry reid, i could not just stop there. i started a website against barbara boxer in california and barney franks in massachusetts and [unintelligible] and patty murray in washington state. and then i realized that i am a little overextended. [laughter] i cannot think you enough for coming out here today. i cannot thank the people of tea party express enough. three weeks ago, i came onto the buses and i had no idea what to express. -- what to expect. i walk away with a very different man inspired by the greatness of our nation.
6:44 am
thank you all so much. [applause] >> thank you, dustin. before we wrap this up, i want to bring one other special person appeared to address you and give a few words. we all know how important our seniors are. he joined us in searchlight, nevada. after two days, he had to come back to washington, d.c. he said, "i do not know how you guys do it." he could not stay away. he joined us in albany and went all the way to boston. we were very happy to have him with us. mr. jim martin, the founder and chair of 60 plus. >> thank you very much. i had to get off of that tour. [laughter] i thought i was in great shape. i run a group called 60 +.
6:45 am
i am now 70 +. today's was enough. but i did rejoin them up in boston. nbc2 things on tax day. fourth of all, -- first of all, our spokesperson is pat boone. the tax you for everything while you are alive. i have to tell you something. to stop and think about it. -- just stop and think about it. it is an uncle sam. it is not even a blood relative. i want to say to those seniors out there that there is a tsunami headed for washington. it is a senior tsunami. unless it subsides, there will be a new line of politicians
6:46 am
looking for work to come november. [applause] one difference between my seniors group, 60 plus, we have about 5.5 million supporters around the country. when people talk about aarp, i said, "just so that there is no mistake, aarp, the association against retired persons, that is who they are." [applause] they are in it for the dollars that they will make on the insurance industry. they will be the largest insurance conglomerate left alive after obama care. limited government, less taxes, and adherence to a document that we all revere, the constitution of the united states. [applause] i want to thank the tea party
6:47 am
express for getting out there. grass-roots, america. that is what it is all about. this is note tops down astro turf stuff. all of you veterans out there, last august, you were called an american -- unamerican. that is the most despicable thing i have heard. i have been coming here for 30 years. and that was the most despicable, i have heard in my life. [applause] to all those veterans who fought to give that person the right to say those words -- i will not mention her name, but her initials are nancy pelosi. [laughter]
6:48 am
thank you for your time. [applause] >> actually, that is ted turner. [laughter] we just punked everybody. [laughter] folks, i want to bring up the folks that do all the real work. we have staffers, horribly abused, or we underpaid, and, in line with my belief that god made cars and buses to get me to the airport, they put up with this. they were clearly 24 hours a day. when the performers and speakers go to bed, they are up. they are reading the e-mails and telling us what is going on each day. let me bring up the whole team
6:49 am
party express family. come on up, everybody. everybody, and take about. -- everybody, come up and take abo bow. [applause] everybody who is here, come up. [applause] >> i have to say -- [applause] i have to say that here comes william and selena. this is probably not even half of our team. we did not get in until after 2:00 a.m. this morning. we had to completely alone all of the buses, everything on them. i imagine that some people might still be sleeping.
6:50 am
we could not do this -- we have a great team and a great staff. we have had a lot of press over the last couple of weeks. the one thing that the press has told us over and over again is that they expected to get on these buses and for it to be run like some political -- some slick political campaign. but it is not. it is very grass-roots, very seat of our pants. >> you are so polite. that southern bell charm. >> we have a much bigger team than this. we could not do it without every single person, those working behind the scenes. we are blessed to be here and working -- and hoping to work on another tour soon [applause] >> before we leave, we are going to end the program with the pledge of allegiance. we need to reinvigorate our
6:51 am
selves. we need to pledge ourselves to this nation, to this constitution, and make a pact for the legacy of our children. also, before we do that, i want to give a sincere thank you for the local coordinators, the tea party expressed, that tea party [unintelligible] the whole bunch, sarah palin -- this is so grass roots of that, if i read off every group, i would be reading of 900 people easily. let's repledge ourselves to this nation. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [applause] >> let's go take it back. take our country back!
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>> this year's c-span studentcam competition -- here is one of the third-place winners. >> america is my second house. >> compared to other countries, yes, it is the land of opportunity. >> my name is bronco. i am from croatia. >> i am from vietnam. >> i grew up in port-au-prince. i came here in 1981. i had a happy childhood. there were stories of -- we were proud of the fact that we were the first island to get our independence in 1904.
6:53 am
that was a great achievement to become the first black country that became a free from france. >> with countries like vietnam, haiti, and yugoslavia, the question raiseis is america stie land of opportunity? we asked the representatives of war-torn countries. >> i have been here one year, i think. in vietnam, my family will work every day. we do not have the family time together. but, in america, any day, we make dinner. in vietnam, many people are more
6:54 am
porous than he appeared >> my name is bronco and i am from croatia. i came here in april 1997. it was a struggle for them. they did not know any english. all they had to do was basically work. we had this one lady help us get on our feet. she got us an apartment. she got my parents a job. but it was definitely hard for them. they were so used to the way things were done in croatia. they could not transition well over here in america. they it -- i did speak my native town when i got here. but i started -- i entered school in the pre-k level and i learned english very on. i picked up on it and spoke it. i spoke it at home with my sister and spoke my native town with my parents. >> we worked together. we decided we would write a book
6:55 am
about it because we think that creating opportunity is way more important than fighting poverty or any other domestic issue. traditionally, it is a key domestic value. we wanted to look at opportunity very carefully, with party as well, but the main idea is can you get ahead in america? i think we made a lot of interesting discoveries. the first one is that, despite our believe -- americans believe that there's more opportunity in america than anywhere else. it is not true. >> more opportunity in america, a statement that can be fought on both sides. i asked if they believe that america was the land of opportunity. >> in your opinion, would you say that america is the land of opportunity? >> compared to other countries, yes. it is the land of opportunity. but i would be remiss.
6:56 am
i would be naive if i would disregard the people who are victims of generational poverty. it has become so entrenched and institutionalized that they cannot escape the realities. only a few make it out. there is always an exception to the rule. but there is a large segment of the society that is part of a permanent underclass. >> yes. it is just the land of opportunity. there are constitutional rights. there is so much freedom. most other countries are still stuck with governmental problems where you do not have as much opportunity there than you can have here. it is the land of opportunity. it is as simple as that. i can really explain it. i have assimilated into american culture. some people say that is a bad thing. sometimes changes necessary. >> opportunity is, i guess,
6:57 am
being able to seek, to pursue happiness. i guess that is what is in our constitution, right? the pursuit of happiness. it is one of our any level rights as american citizens of this great country -- one of the art inalienable rights as american citizens of this great country. -- one of how were ineligiblinae rights as american citizens of this great country. >> they do not have any money. i cannot go anywhere by myself. i have to ask my parents. >> what do you say to the people who are american citizens and have been in the u.s. for all of their lives and they say that america is not the
6:58 am
land of opportunity because of the economy? they bring up all of these negative things and say that america is not the land of opportunity. how do you respond to that? >> i would say that, i guess, they have not experienced as much as i did. even though there are a lot of economic problems, the economy here is still better than the economy in most of eastern europe. it is more stable and is more powerful. >> everybody is willing to work hard and get good grades. if you study hard and get good grades, there is in a lot of opportunity for you. >> we want to say that, but, truthfully, we do not have it that well. truth be told, they get all the
6:59 am
jobs that we do not want to do. at the same time, we want to [unintelligible] >> land of opportunity. >> land of opportunity. >> land of opportunity, where everybody needs to work hard. >> to see all of the winning entries in this year's competition, visit >> your calls and today's headlines are next on oakwood washington journal." then the senate -- on "washington journal." >> we will look at the congressional agenda with democratic senator from ohio. in a while, robert sloan
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